Weapons & Tactics

The course includes handling of weapons, both guns and revolvers as well as rifles and semi-automatic fire arms. Besides learning the correct handling of the weapons we also teach the tactics used by both police and military as well as SWAT-teams all over the world. Armour and full SWAT-set will be provided by the academy.


Fire Stunts
One of the more dangerous stunts taught at the academy. Here, as in all professional stunt work, good preparation is a necessity. Students will learn the principles of how to perform a secure body burn and how to put the fire out before making practice of the theory. Safety is of course the key to success.


Fall Techniques
As a stuntman you need to master all kinds of falls. From a funny stumble to stairfall & high falls. During the lessons our students learn how to fall convincingly without hurting themselves. The lessons involves working in front of the camera making sure it looks both stunning & realistic.


Rope & Wire Work
The last 10 years has changed the way we work with wires in film. Nowadays it is very hard to find a Blockbuster Action movie without wire work. Skills taught: Advanced abseiling, Rappelling, Rescue techniques, Jerk backs, Static stops, Flying and spinning with all sorts of harnesses and vests.


Car & Bike Stunts
During these classes the students learn how to stretch the limits for both themselves and their vehicles. Some of the disciplines involved are: Precision driving, Car chases, Bike stunts and Car hits with both bicycles and humans.


Parkour & Acrobatics
In these classes we teach the basics in parkour and acrobatics. Here, the students develop a greater physical awareness, flexibility and strength. Some of the disciplines taught: parkour obstacles, trumpet & trampolin.


Stage & Screen Fights
Here the students learn the different techniques used both on Stage and in Live performances as well as in Film and Television. Besides working on the techniques we also put a lot of emphasis on the acting and the reactions involved in the fights.



Being able to perform the specific stunt for a scene takes more than just executing the physical exercise. It also requires an eye for acting and an ability to replicate the body language of the person you are doubling for. In these classes we teach both communication, dialog, physical theatre, voice control training as well as the more toned down film acting.

Martial Arts 
Different disciplines of martial arts will be taught. The students will practise boxing, MMA, Wushu and kick boxing. Most stuntmen have some background within martial arts as this is an excellent source for coordination and fighting techniques.


Horse Stunts
We teach groundwork for students to gain an overall understanding of educational equestrian. Students will be taught all the basics like communication with the horse, about harnesses and equipment, horse riding and riding techniques. Students will train and learn to ride, voltige and `horse stunts` like falling in various ways, be towed by horse etc.


Fitness & Street Workout

To become a good stunt actor we recommend you to become strong and healthy. Fitness becomes a habit of our lifestyle while living of this profession. Beside lifting weights and own bodyweight we also train street workout and ends the workout with meditation or yoga.

Stunt Acting Reel

Students have opportunity to get their own stunt acting reel after received the ISA Stunt Acting diploma.